A refreshing approach to medical aesthetics. A specialist team offering clinical excellence and exceptional safety within medical aesthetics. A range of bespoke treatment packages designed to enhance and rejuvenate according to individual desires and needs.

One of our aesthetic practitioners will assess you individually, discuss your needs and help you get your required results.


Shelley graduated from Southampton university as a registered general nurse in 2001. Working the majority of her career in emergency medicine as per her original career dream. In about 2006 she became passionate about aesthetics and started reading and gaining knowledge about the skin and various aesthetics and skin treatments, finally doing formal training in aesthetics in Manchester in early 2016. Starting off in her converted dining room at home in Birdlip, Shelley has since grown her Aesthetics business to a client base of over 300 people and bringing Simon on board in 2017 has lead them to their current clinic based in Hereford.

Both are deeply conscientious about professional standards and safety, working hard behind the scenes to always offer safe and ethical treatments with great results. We are looking to expand and open clinics in Bristol and Cardiff in the future.

Shelley is a Mum with a busy but rewarding home life but still keeps up with her acute clinical practise by working in A & E several times a month.


Simon qualified as a doctor in 2007 from the University of Leicester. He worked in acute medicine and emergency medicine for several years. Since 2014 he has worked full time in the pharmaceutical industry, predominantly focussing on clinical risk management, data analysis and reporting. He also continues to work in A+E as a locum doctor.

Simon met Shelley in 2012 when they both worked in Cheltenham General Hospital. They realised they both had a shared interest in medical aesthetics and a mutual life goal of running their own businesses. Simon completed his aesthetics training on Harley Street in January 2017 and swiftly set up business with Shelley. He became a director of Shelley Folkes Aesthetics in 2018. Simon enjoys the practical clinical procedures and the close relationships with clients that medical aeasthetics offers.

Despite running Shelley Folkes Aesthetics, working full time in the pharmaceutical industry and doing ad-hoc A+E locums, Simon does have some spare time! He is an avid traveller, plays the piano, and enjoys crossfit.